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Investing in Turkey's Expanding Student Housing Market

Student flat

The dynamics of the real estate market in Turkey have experienced an immense transformation over the years, being influenced by various factors such as economic stability, favorable demographics, and extensive infrastructure development. One particular niche that is steadily gaining prominence in this vast landscape is student housing. Turkey’s student housing sector, spurred by the increasing population of local and international students, presents a noteworthy investment opportunity with steady returns.

The Landscape of Higher Education in Turkey

Turkey boasts an expansive educational infrastructure, with over 200 universities scattered across the nation that together host a staggering student population exceeding 8 million. In conjunction with this, the Turkish government has embarked on an ambitious internationalization strategy that aims to attract 250,000 foreign students by 2023, further escalating the demand for high-quality student accommodation.

Prominent university cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya harbor a substantial student population. This inevitably creates a consistent demand for appropriate housing solutions. As the capacity of public dormitories falls short of meeting this overwhelming demand, private student housing has surfaced as a critical alternative.

Understanding Student Housing as a Real Estate Niche

Investing in student housing properties in Turkey offers strategic advantages given the market’s demand-supply dynamics. Here, the investment extends beyond mere property ownership into a business model geared towards providing a constant flow of rental income. Student housing properties can range from apartments, hostels to residence halls, each with differing degrees of services and amenities.

The student housing sector bears an inherent level of predictability, setting it apart from traditional rental markets. Rentals in this market usually adhere to the academic calendar, providing landlords with a clear forecast of occupancy rates and rental income. Moreover, the rental duration typically corresponds to the length of a student’s academic program, resulting in lower vacancy rates in comparison to conventional rentals.

The Financial Appeal of Student Housing Investment

Investing in student housing in Turkey can yield significant financial rewards. Such properties generally fetch higher per-room rents compared to regular rental properties because students frequently rent on a per-room basis, maximizing income from a single property.

Moreover, the student housing sector showcases resilience in times of economic turmoil. As education is regarded as a ‘defensive’ sector, the demand for student accommodation remains unwavering irrespective of the economy’s state. Consequently, investments in student housing offer financial stability during challenging economic climates.

Identifying Opportunities and Ensuring Investment Success

The key to a successful investment in student housing is an in-depth understanding of the needs and preferences of students. Modern students seek more than just a space to sleep and study. They value properties equipped with communal spaces, high-speed internet, dedicated study rooms, and those situated in proximity to their universities.

Additionally, a comprehensive management strategy is essential to counter unique challenges inherent to the student housing sector, such as shorter rental periods and increased property wear and tear. Thus, collaborating with seasoned property management companies can be instrumental in streamlining operations and maximizing returns.

The Role of Legal and Financial Advisory

Navigating the investment process can be complex, especially for foreign investors. Therefore, consulting with legal and financial advisors who understand the local market dynamics can be highly beneficial. Reputable organizations such as the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Companies (GYODER) can provide valuable guidance and resources.

The Future of Student Housing Investments in Turkey

The student housing market in Turkey presents a promising future for investors. The steady growth in local and international student populations, coupled with government initiatives to attract more foreign students, is expected to sustain the demand for student accommodation. This trend, in turn, will continue to enhance the appeal of student housing as a profitable investment.


The student housing sector in Turkey offers an enticing investment opportunity characterized by robust demand and attractive return potential. However, like any real estate investment, it requires thorough market research and due diligence. A well-informed investment, complemented by efficient management, can yield substantial returns, making student housing a valuable addition to any property portfolio.



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