Our History

Aegeaned.com was created with foreign investors in mind. Focusing on the potential of the Turkish property market, we offer foreigners an opportunity to invest in a country full of history and culture. We provide services tailored to those who want to purchase Turkish property without being physically present, while still managing all aspects of their investment.

Aegeaned.com provides access to properties ranging from luxury villas and apartments to rural homes, as well as vacation rentals.


With experienced staff members who are both native English and Turkish speakers, we offer personalised advice on how best to make use of investments within the vibrant Turkish market. In addition, we provide detailed information about Turkey’s economy, culture and legal framework so that investors can make educated decisions when purchasing their desired property.

Established in 2016

Aegeaned.com was established in 2016 with the single purpose of helping foreign investors buy property in Turkey. Since our conception, Aegeaned.com has become one of the top real estate companies in the Turkish market. The company offers a variety of services to meet their customers’ needs, ranging from financial and legal advice on transactions to consultations on investments and taxes.


Aegeaned.com also provides support for international buyers who want to purchase any type of property in Turkey. With our extensive network and knowledgeable team, we can provide insight into the current trends in terms of rental prices and sales volumes for properties located all around Turkey.


Furthermore, Aegeaned.com offers assistance during all stages of the process, from finding suitable properties through to handling paperwork related to purchases.

Foreign Investment

Aegeaned.com was founded to make foreign investment in Turkish real estate a reality. As one of the world’s leading property markets, Turkey has become increasingly attractive for international investors. Aegeaned.com provides guidance and support to those interested in purchasing a piece of this thriving market.


The advantages of investing in Turkey are numerous: from high potential rental yields to desirable locations and competitive prices. Plus, with Aegeaned.com’s comprehensive services, investors can take comfort knowing that their transaction will be handled with precision and efficiency. From finding the perfect home to gaining residency rights, Aegeaned.com is the ideal partner for anyone wanting to purchase Turkish property.

Benefits of Investing with Aegeaned.com

We provide an array of services to make the process of buying a home as simple and stress-free as possible. With Aegeaned.com, investors can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to buying Turkish property. The main advantage of investing with Aegeaned.com is that we provide access to some of the most promising real estate opportunities in Turkey.


We have carefully selected areas with the potential for higher returns, making it easier for investors to maximise their investment potential. Furthermore, we offer personalised advice regarding legalities and regulations associated with purchasing property abroad.

Beyond Real Estate

Aegeaned.com is much more than a real estate company. It was created to provide foreign investors with all the services they need to invest in Turkish property. From finding the right property, to obtaining financing and setting up legal documents, Aegeaned.com takes care of every step of the process.


Our services also extend beyond buying and selling homes. We offer advice on how to obtain residence permits and visas in Turkey, as well as help customers find reliable lawyers for any legal matters that may arise during their investment journey. 


We even provide support when it comes to opening bank accounts and setting up utilities like electricity or water.


Aegeaned.com is not only an expert provider of real estate services but also a trusted partner for anyone looking to invest safely in Turkey’s booming property market.

Market Reach: National & International

Aegeaned.com is changing the way international investors purchase Turkish property. With a reach that extends across both national and international markets, the company has taken the lead in providing clients with an expansive selection of properties to choose from.


The Aegeaned.com team is made up of experienced real estate professionals who are well-versed in the Turkish market and understand the needs of foreign buyers. We have an in-depth knowledge of both national and local laws that apply to foreign investments, ensuring our clients have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects related to purchasing real estate abroad. Furthermore, we provide assistance throughout each step of the buying process, from researching available properties to closing on a final purchase.


This level of expertise combined with their far-reaching market reach makes Aegeaned.com one of the most sought after companies for foreign investors looking to buy Turkish property.


Aegeaned.com was created to provide foreign investors with an easy and secure way to purchase Turkish property. It offers a wide range of services, from helping to assess the potential of each property, to providing legal advice and assistance in completing the purchase process. 


By utilizing the services offered by Aegeaned.com, foreign investors can gain access to some of Turkey’s most desirable real estate opportunities. With its dedicated team, reliable network of advisors and comprehensive approach, Aegeaned.com has made it possible for anyone looking for a Turkish real estate investment opportunity to find exactly what they need in a safe and straightforward manner. The company provides everything you need when planning your own personal or commercial venture into the Turkish real estate market.

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