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Story In the rich cultural tapestry of our country, the people have always been known for their warm and welcoming hospitality. At, we embody this value by transforming it into a lucrative partnership, ensuring your home is not only well cared for but also a thriving, vibrant space.


The Genesis of 

James Stead, who worked in real estate in the United Kingdom and the USA, and Naoufel Elyasmine, with valuable experience in the Dubai real estate sector, were passionate about the idea of blending their love for hospitality with their expertise in the industry. They joined forces with Aatif Rashid, a former UK lawyer with a decade of experience in international law, to create a comprehensive real estate solution. was born out of the desire to provide a seamless experience for clients in various aspects of real estate. We specialize not only in property rental but also in property sourcing, sales, and legal services. Our dedicated teams of property sourcing agents, sales professionals, and legal experts work together to ensure a flawless and all-encompassing real estate experience.


Together, James, Naoufel, and Aatif have built a team of passionate individuals who are committed to providing an exceptional experience for hosts, guests, buyers, and sellers alike. At, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of services, adapting to the unique needs of each client, while maintaining the warmth and hospitality that defines our cultural heritage.

The Founders

James Stead

James Stead brings a wealth of experience to, having worked extensively in the real estate industry across the United Kingdom and the United States.

His deep understanding of property markets and his passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences make him a driving force behind our agency.

As a co-founder of, James combines his industry knowledge with a keen sense of innovation, ensuring our clients receive top-notch service in property rentals, sales, and sourcing.
His dedication to creating a seamless experience for clients has helped establish as a leading real estate agency with a strong foundation in hospitality and customer satisfaction.

Naoufel Elyasmine

Naoufel Elyasmine is a seasoned real estate professional with invaluable experience gained from working in the dynamic Dubai property sector.

As a co-founder of, Naoufel's expertise in navigating complex markets and his commitment to delivering outstanding client experiences have been instrumental in shaping the agency's success.

With a strong background in property sourcing, sales, and rentals, Naoufel's insights and adaptable approach enable him to address the unique needs of each client.

His dedication to fostering a culture of hospitality and innovation at has played a crucial role in solidifying the agency's reputation for excellence in the real estate industry.

Aatif Rashid

Aatif Rashid brings a unique and valuable perspective to as a co-founder with a decade of experience in international law.

As a former UK lawyer, Aatif's legal expertise has been essential in guiding the agency through the complexities of property law, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive and reliable legal support. Aatif's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and his ability to navigate diverse legal landscapes have significantly contributed to the success of

His passion for delivering exceptional service and fostering a culture of trust and integrity has helped cement our agency's position as a leader in the real estate industry, offering unparalleled support in property rental, sales, and sourcing.

Office Team

Emre Kaya

Director of Property Sourcing

Elif Demir

Senior Sales Consultant

Mert Yılmaz

Property Management Specialist

Ceren Öztürk

Lead Rental Agent

Selin Şahin

Human Resources Coordinator

Deniz Aydın

Marketing Manager

Ömer Can

Legal Advisor

İpek Güneş

Client Relations Manager

Fatih Çelik

Finance Manager

Barış Arslan

IT & Systems Manager

Field Team

Ayşe Uysal

Property Scout

Serkan Taş

On-site Negotiator

Burak Aksoy

Field Property Evaluator

Meltem Kılıç

Real Estate Photographer

Kaan Karaca

Location Researcher

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