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Guide to Turkey's Real Estate Visa Programs for Investors and Retirees

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Turkey, with its rich history, diverse landscapes, pleasant climate, and burgeoning real estate market, has captured the interest of global investors and retirees. To tap into this potential, the Turkish government has instituted several visa programs that promote foreign investments and residency. Two programs stand out in this regard, specifically tailored for investors and retirees. Let’s unpack these exciting opportunities.

Turkey’s Real Estate Investor Visa Program

In a move to encourage foreign direct investment, the Turkish government has put forth progressive legislation, with a particular focus on the real estate sector. One such initiative is the Real Estate Investor Visa Program, also commonly referred to as the Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program. This program, launched in 2017, offers foreign investors the chance to secure Turkish citizenship upon investing a specified amount in Turkish real estate.

Over the years, the program’s parameters have seen a few changes. As of the most recent update, investors who buy real estate worth at least $250,000 can apply for Turkish citizenship. This investment must be kept for a minimum of three years.

The process involves selecting suitable real estate, followed by an application for the citizenship program. The property investment must be approved by a government-sanctioned appraiser to ascertain its market value, and the payment must be traceable, generally requiring transactions through banks. Following the successful verification of the investment, applicants can initiate their citizenship application.

The benefits of this program are indeed enticing. It allows investors and their immediate family to live, work, and study in Turkey. It also provides visa-free travel to over 100 countries that have visa agreements with Turkey. Moreover, there is no mandatory requirement to permanently live in Turkey, affording investors a great deal of flexibility.

Turkey’s Retirement Visa Program

Turkey’s Retirement Visa Program is another opportunity that has attracted the attention of foreigners, especially those hailing from countries with high living expenses. It provides retirees the chance to enjoy their retirement in Turkey’s tranquil and beautiful environments while experiencing a significantly lower cost of living.

To be eligible for a retirement visa, applicants must prove they have a stable, regular income sufficient to sustain themselves during their stay in Turkey. This income could be a pension or any other reliable income source. The precise amount deemed “sufficient” might vary depending on the individual’s situation and location, making it prudent to consult with immigration experts or legal advisors to better understand the requirements.

Retirement visas are generally issued for one year initially and can be renewed every year. Although retirees are not required to stay in Turkey throughout the year, they must not stay outside the country for more than 120 days per year to maintain their visa.

While the visa doesn’t automatically provide a work permit, it offers retirees all the other perks of living in Turkey, such as access to healthcare, the ability to open a bank account, and the freedom to buy property.

Importance of Professional Assistance

Navigating the visa application process can be daunting, particularly when it involves substantial investment or life-altering decisions like retirement. Consequently, it is recommended to enlist the help of professionals such as immigration consultants, legal advisors, or real estate experts. These professionals can help applicants understand the eligibility criteria, guide them through the application process, assist with documentation, and help overcome any potential challenges.

In conclusion, Turkey’s real estate visa programs provide exceptional opportunities for investors and retirees. Investors stand to gain from the robust real estate sector and acquire Turkish citizenship, while retirees can enjoy a serene lifestyle in a beautiful setting at a more affordable cost. By extending these visa programs, Turkey is not just opening the door to new prospects but is also cultivating a multicultural atmosphere that enriches its social and economic fabric.



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