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Waterfront Properties and Marina Developments in Turkey

Turkey, with its vast coastlines along the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, is home to many beautiful waterfront properties and marina developments. From Bodrum to Antalya, numerous waterfront locales are attracting both local and international investors with their picturesque views, high-end amenities, and lucrative investment prospects. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore waterfront properties and marina developments in Turkey, offering a glimpse into the investment opportunities and lifestyle these unique regions have to offer.

The Appeal of Waterfront Properties

There’s no denying the allure of living by the water. For many, it represents the pinnacle of luxury and tranquility, with the blue waters, sandy beaches, and the gentle sound of waves providing a serene living environment. In Turkey, waterfront properties are highly sought after for these reasons and more.

Unrivalled Views and Accessibility

The most obvious advantage of waterfront properties is their proximity to the sea. Owners and residents can enjoy stunning ocean views, easy access to beaches, and various water activities like swimming, sailing, and fishing. Properties located near marinas also offer direct access to boating facilities, which is a significant draw for yachting enthusiasts.

High Rental Demand

Given their unique appeal, waterfront properties often command higher rental rates compared to non-waterfront properties. This trend, coupled with a high demand for holiday and short-term rentals, makes waterfront properties a potentially lucrative investment.

Capital Appreciation

Due to the limited supply and high demand, waterfront properties often experience substantial capital appreciation. While market conditions can vary, well-located waterfront properties are generally considered a sound long-term investment.

Spotlight on Marina Developments

Marina developments are a specific subset of waterfront properties, designed around a harbor with moorings for boats and yachts. These developments, often integrated with high-end residences, restaurants, retail outlets, and other amenities, provide an attractive lifestyle proposition and an opportunity for property investment.

In Turkey, the government’s efforts to promote marine tourism have led to the rise of several marina developments along its coastlines. These marinas are not only boosting tourism but also driving the real estate market in these regions.

Palmarina, Bodrum

Palmarina in Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most prestigious marina developments. Boasting a capacity for 620 yachts, including mega yachts, it’s more than just a marina. The development includes an array of high-end shops, gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, and luxury villines, making it a popular destination for the global jet-set.

Port Göcek Marina, Göcek

Port Göcek Marina, located in the quaint town of Göcek, is a serene, exclusive spot that offers an idyllic lifestyle with the backdrop of stunning mountains and crystal-clear waters. With 400 berths, it’s a favorite among sailing enthusiasts. The surrounding area features a range of luxury villas and apartments, offering the perfect combination of nautical and terrestrial living.

Antalya Marina, Antalya

Antalya Marina is set within Antalya’s historic old town, Kaleiçi, juxtaposing the city’s rich past with modern marine facilities. The marina has a capacity of about 200 yachts and is surrounded by a bustling area featuring shops, restaurants, and a range of real estate options from restored Ottoman houses to modern apartments.

Investing in Waterfront Properties and Marina Developments

Investing in waterfront properties and marina developments requires a thorough understanding of the market and various factors that could influence the investment’s success. Here are some essential considerations.


When it comes to waterfront properties, location is key. The property’s proximity to the water, its views, and the quality of the nearby beaches and marinas can significantly impact its value. Properties in established, prestigious areas like Bodrum or Antalya’s old town will command higher prices but also offer higher rental rates and potential for capital appreciation.

Infrastructure and Amenities

Look for properties in areas with good infrastructure, including transport links, shops, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and schools. For marina developments, consider the marina’s capacity, facilities, and the range of amenities within the development.

Property Type and Condition

Waterfront properties can range from apartments and villines to standalone villas. Consider what property type is most in demand in the area where you’re investing. Also, consider the property’s condition, as properties that require extensive repairs or renovation can eat into your profits.

Legal Considerations

Ensure that all legal aspects are in order before investing. For foreign investors, this includes understanding Turkey’s property laws and any restrictions on foreign ownership. Always engage a local legal expert to help navigate the legal process.

The Future of Waterfront Properties and Marina Developments in Turkey

Turkey’s stunning coastlines, coupled with its efforts to boost marine tourism, suggest a bright future for waterfront properties and marina developments in the country. As Turkey continues to grow as a tourist destination, the demand for waterfront properties, particularly in popular areas like Bodrum and Antalya, is likely to rise.

For investors, this presents an opportunity to capitalize on this trend. Whether it’s a villa overlooking the Aegean Sea or an apartment nestled within a bustling marina development, investing in Turkey’s waterfront properties offers both lifestyle benefits and potential financial returns.

However, like all investments, it’s crucial to do thorough research and engage professionals when necessary. With the right approach and a clear understanding of the market, investing in Turkey’s waterfront properties and marina developments can be a rewarding venture.



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