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Unlocking Investment Potential in Turkey's Secondary Cities

While Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir often dominate the headlines when it comes to Turkey’s booming real estate market, a wealth of untapped potential exists in the country’s secondary cities. These burgeoning cities, from Antalya on the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast to Bursa in the shadow of the Uludağ mountain, present promising investment opportunities often overlooked by those focused on Turkey’s major metropolitan areas.

The Appeal of Secondary Cities

Secondary cities are defined as cities that, though smaller in size and population than the capital or primary cities, have significant economic, cultural, or political importance within their country. Turkey’s secondary cities are diverse, each offering unique benefits to potential investors. These cities often provide the best of both worlds: the amenities and opportunities of larger cities without the high costs and intense competition.

Key factors contributing to the appeal of secondary cities in Turkey include:

Rapid Urban Development

Like Turkey’s larger cities, many secondary cities are experiencing rapid urban development. From expansive shopping malls to modern residential complexes, these cities are rapidly modernizing and expanding their infrastructure, making them attractive investment destinations.

Increasing Connectivity

Turkey’s commitment to improving its national infrastructure has significantly enhanced connectivity between its major and secondary cities. High-speed train lines, expanded highways, and increasing domestic flight options make these cities more accessible, boosting their investment appeal.

Strong Local Economies

Many of Turkey’s secondary cities have strong local economies, often specializing in a particular industry. These thriving local economies can provide a robust customer base for businesses and create a stable environment for real estate investment.

Affordable Property Prices

Compared to Istanbul and other primary cities, secondary cities typically offer more affordable property prices. This affordability can lead to higher profit margins for real estate investors, particularly for those interested in long-term investments.

Spotlight on Turkey’s Promising Secondary Cities

Let’s delve into some of Turkey’s secondary cities that are ripe for investment.

Antalya: A Beacon for Tourists and Investors Alike

Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast, is a favorite destination for both national and international tourists. Famous for its stunning beaches, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife, Antalya offers a variety of real estate investment opportunities.

The city’s booming tourism industry supports a robust market for short-term rental properties. Additionally, new residential developments cater to a growing number of people choosing to settle in the region, attracted by its high standard of living and natural beauty.

Bursa: Industrial Powerhouse with a Rich Cultural Heritage

Bursa, once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, today combines rich cultural heritage with a strong industrial sector. As one of Turkey’s primary industrial and manufacturing centers, Bursa attracts both domestic and foreign workers, fueling demand for residential and commercial properties.

Investment opportunities in Bursa extend beyond real estate. Its strong manufacturing sector, particularly its thriving automotive industry, presents opportunities for investors interested in industrial properties and business investments.

Gaziantep: A Culinary Capital with Growing Economic Influence

Gaziantep, located in southeastern Turkey, is often hailed as the country’s culinary capital. However, it’s not just foodies who are drawn to Gaziantep. The city has a rapidly growing economy, with strong sectors in agriculture, manufacturing, and textiles.

Gaziantep’s economy is set to receive a further boost with the planned Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), an ambitious development project that aims to improve the region’s infrastructure and agricultural productivity. This initiative promises to heighten Gaziantep’s appeal as an investment destination.

Kayseri: An Emerging Economic Hub

Kayseri, located in central Turkey, is known for its production of high-quality Turkish carpets. However, the city’s economy is diverse, with strong sectors in textiles, food production, and construction. Kayseri is becoming increasingly appealing to investors due to its growing economy, strategic location, and improving infrastructure.

As the city’s population and economic influence grow, so too does demand for both residential and commercial real estate. From modern apartments to retail spaces, Kayseri offers a variety of investment opportunities.

Investment Strategies for Secondary Cities

Investing in secondary cities requires a slightly different approach than investing in primary cities. Below are a few strategies for potential investors:

Long-Term Real Estate Investment

Real estate prices in secondary cities are often lower than those in primary cities, potentially yielding higher returns for long-term investors. However, it’s important to note that real estate markets in secondary cities may not appreciate as quickly as those in primary cities. Patience and a long-term outlook are key.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Each secondary city has its own unique economic characteristics and property market. Therefore, investing in multiple secondary cities can help diversify your investment portfolio and spread risk.

Stay Informed About Infrastructure Developments

Infrastructure developments, such as new transportation links or major construction projects, can have a significant impact on property values. By staying informed about these developments, you can make strategic investment decisions and potentially achieve high returns.

Partner with Local Experts

Local real estate agents and brokers have a deep understanding of their city’s property market. Partnering with these professionals can help you identify promising investment opportunities and navigate the purchase process.


Turkey’s secondary cities hold immense untapped potential for savvy investors willing to look beyond the country’s major metropolitan areas. These cities, each with its own unique appeal, offer a plethora of investment opportunities. By understanding the unique dynamics of these cities and employing strategic investment approaches, you can unlock the potential of Turkey’s secondary cities.

Whether it’s the sun-soaked shores of Antalya, the historic streets of Bursa, the bustling markets of Gaziantep, or the booming industries of Kayseri, opportunity awaits in Turkey’s secondary cities. So, why not step off the beaten track and explore the potential that these vibrant cities have to offer?



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