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Real Estate Investment Trusts and Funds in Turkey

Investment Trusts and Funds in Turkey

An Introduction to Real Estate Investment

The world of real estate extends far beyond buying and selling physical properties. It encompasses a wide range of investment vehicles that offer opportunities to individuals and institutions to tap into the lucrative property market. In Turkey, a vibrant and increasingly influential player in the global real estate market, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and real estate funds have become vital tools for those seeking the advantages of real estate investments without the burdens of direct property management.

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)?

REITs are publicly traded entities or corporations that own, operate, or finance income-producing real estate. These trusts allow investors to invest in large-scale, diversified portfolios of real estate assets in the same way they invest in other sectors – by purchasing stocks. In Turkey, the operation of REITs falls under the strict regulation of the Capital Markets Board, providing a layer of transparency and protection for investors.

REITs: Key Features and Benefits

  1. Liquidity: REITs bring the much-needed element of liquidity to real estate investments. Unlike physical real estate, which often involves significant time and effort to buy and sell, REIT shares can be easily bought and sold on the stock exchange, just like any other equity.
  2. Diversification: Investing in REITs means gaining exposure to a diverse array of real estate properties. REITs often own a wide variety of property types including commercial entities like office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and residential properties, allowing investors to mitigate risk through diversification.
  3. Stable Income: A unique feature of REITs is their requirement to distribute a large proportion of their income, usually 80% or more, as dividends to shareholders. This provides investors with a steady stream of income, in addition to potential capital appreciation.
  4. Professional Management: REITs are managed by professionals experienced in real estate acquisition, maintenance, tenant management, and other operational matters. This professional management relieves individual investors from the hassles of property management.

REITs in the Turkish Landscape

Several REITs are listed on Borsa Istanbul, Turkey’s primary stock exchange. Among them, entities like Emlak Konut GYO stand out. Backed by the state housing development agency TOKİ, this REIT has been instrumental in financing and supporting large-scale housing projects across the country. This state involvement and support provide an extra level of reassurance for investors.

A Look at Real Estate Funds

While REITs focus primarily on large-scale, income-generating properties, real estate funds offer a broader spectrum. These funds are pooled investment vehicles where the collected funds are invested either directly in real estate or indirectly in real estate-related assets.

Real Estate Funds: Core Features

  1. Flexibility: Real estate funds offer a degree of flexibility not typically seen in REITs. They can invest in a wider range of properties and property-related assets, such as mortgages or construction loans. This flexibility allows for a broader investment strategy and can be attractive to certain types of investors.
  2. Diversification: Similar to REITs, real estate funds also provide diversification benefits. By spreading investments across multiple properties and categories, they help mitigate risk.
  3. Professional Management: Like REITs, real estate funds are managed by professional fund managers. These managers make strategic decisions about property purchases, sales, renovations, and other operational matters, which can add value to the investment.

Real Estate Funds in Turkey

Real estate funds in Turkey aren’t as widely recognized or utilized as REITs, primarily due to their relative novelty in the market. However, they present a different set of opportunities for investors. One notable example is the “GYO” real estate investment fund, which has seen increased interest thanks to its focus on diversified real estate holdings.

Comparing REITs and Real Estate Funds

In considering whether to invest in REITs or real estate funds, several factors must be taken into account. REITs are ideal for investors seeking a steady income stream and liquidity, while real estate funds might be better suited to those looking for capital appreciation over a longer time horizon.


In the increasingly complex and vibrant Turkish real estate market, both REITs and real estate funds offer avenues for involvement that go beyond traditional property investments. By offering the potential for healthy returns, diversification, professional management, and varying degrees of liquidity, these financial instruments enable both locals and foreign investors to participate in Turkey’s burgeoning property sector.

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